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Getting Out Of Place in a Race Car {VIDEO}

One of the many great things about this blog is that my friends sometimes invite me to do crazy things because (1) they know I’ll likely say yes and (2), if I do say yes, I’ll post them here on the blog. A close friend of mine leads a Porsche racing team. Since he was going to...

A {Video} Tour of NYC

Let’s check out Time Square and the USS Intrepid. I visited both sites during a recent business trip to the Big Apple and took my camera along so you could see some of the highlights. Thanks for checking it out!

What Brings You to Wisconsin?

What do you do when you visit Chicago? Nope. I drive to Milwaukee. You see, my pursuit of seeing new places has reached a near-fever pitch. It draws the question: “What are you looking for?” A question I’ll pose to the nearest shrink or bartender at some point when I slow down. In the...