Sponsorship and Advertising Policy

This all began as a hobby and I’ll continue creating content as long as I’m having fun doing it (and I don’t see that changing anytime soon!!).

As our channel has grown, it’s become more complex. I created this page to ensure I’m as upfront as possible about the business that’s resulted from our growing community. In 2018, I created a North Carolina Limited Liability Corporation (GreenerGrass, LLC) for accounting and legal purposes.

If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, feel free to contact me.

Editorial Policy

All opinions, ratings, JebScores, and other judgments are mine, and mine alone.

My Commitments to You

  1. I will abide by all applicable laws of the United States of America with regard to advertising disclosure.
  2. I will abide by all requirements and regulations imposed on me by the social media outlets I use (e.g., YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter).
  3. My travel is self-funded. I pay for all trips I’m reviewing with my own cash, miles, or points. I will not accept giveaways from airlines for services or trips UNLESS it’s a service or trip not available to the public for a fee. Here are a few examples:
    • An airline offers me a free trip on a regularly scheduled flight. I would say No, thank you.
    • An airline offers to sponsor a video or pay me to cover a flight. I would say, No, thank you.
    • An airline offers me a free seat on a delivery, charter, or repositioning flight. I might say yes. And, if I did, I would disclose the free flight to you.
  4.  If there is ever a time I accept something for free (or at a discount), I will be direct and upfront about it. My intent is that you never be left scratching your head and wondering, Did Jeb get that for free? Put simply, unless I tell you it was free (or discounted), I paid for it.

Sources of Revenue:

Revenue earned by GreenerGrass, LLC is reinvested in the channel to make more and better content. In the interest of full disclosure, here are the sources of revenue for GreenerGrass, LLC

  1. YouTube Ads: Advertisements you see on YouTube videos. I have no influence over what ads are shown there.
  2. Google Ads: Advertisements through Google Ads on this website, GreenerGrass.com. I have no influence over what ads are shown there.
  3. Merchandise: I may make merchandise available at some point in the future.
  4. Affiliate Relationships: Some companies pay small commissions to GreenerGrass, LLC when you click a link I provide prior to buying something from that company. Those include:
  5. Sponsorships: I receive scores of sponsor requests each month. I will occasionally accept sponsors for some videos. First — and most importantly — any product or service I advocate or take on as a sponsor is one I have tested and actually believe improves my own travel experience. If and when I accept a sponsor, they will usually provide me with talking points. I will use those talking points to inform my own script. A sponsor will typically have final approval over the way I present their product or service. I will be direct and upfront with you about any sponsorships or relationships from which I receive compensation. At a bare minimum, such relationships will be outlined in video descriptions on YouTube or in captions on Instagram. More often than not, I’ll also explain the relationship in voiceovers as well. Per YouTube’s requirements, I will notify YouTube when a video is sponsored.

Now, enough of that, let’s get back to the fun stuff: Aviation and travel!


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