Since January 2017, I have been making YouTube videos about my experiences on airlines around the world.

In November of 2018, I began ranking my experiences based on five factors. Admittedly, this is not the most scientific of methods and is entirely subjective. In particular, elements like Service and Food are particularly personal. But, with more than one million miles in the air, I do feel like I have a perspective worthy of sharing.

The factors, which are rated on a five point scale are?


I always rate the departure lounge. Factors here include food, showers, additional amenities, etc.


In general, this is about comfort. My expectations are different depending on class (First, Business, Economy).


This factor is all about the variety of choices available.


Admittedly subjective, this factor depends on how tasty the meal(s) are.


What was the crew like? Were they warm and friendly, or cold and rude? How did they adapt to passengers?

JebScore Airline Rankings

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