Let’s Travel to 193 Countries

Hello, I’m Jeb Brooks. Thanks for stopping by. This blog chronicles my travel to visit the 193 UN Member States (and other remote parts of the planet).

So far, I’ve visited 63!

I’ve always enjoyed stepping outside of my comfort zone. Not dangerously outside it, but just stretching it here and there. I discovered travel as a great way to do that back in 2012 when I took my first solo trip around the world, visiting 8 cities in 34 days. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said,

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

That 2012 journey inspired me to begin writing here at GreenerGrass.com

My journey is about stepping out of my comfort zone. Pushing myself. Whether I’m skydiving in New Zealand, horseback riding in Mongolia, dodging bullets in Paraguay, or snorkeling in Fiji, it’s all about being…


Somewhere along the way, I started making videos about my flights around the planet. Growing up, I was a tremendous aviation enthusiast. I loved all things “Commercial Aviation.” Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, I lost the infatuation. Well, in 2017, I relit the flame and have been making videos over on YouTube celebrating that passion.

My favorite experiences? Whirlwind trips around the world. The constant culture change of a RTW Trip is a shock to my system that I really love.

I’ve made five and am (perpetually) planning another.

Solo Travel to Bolivia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Antarctica

Whether you’re interested in exploring a single city or taking a RTW adventure, perhaps GreenerGrass.com will be a resource for you. Take some time to check out some of my experiences and use them as you plan (or remember) your own!

If you’ve just arrived, a few of my favorite solo travel experiences include the time I spent in Bolivia (an under-appreciated place), New Zealand (skydiving was awesome), and Antarctica (the penguins stink).

Over time, I also plan to add more posts with tips, tricks, hacks. But for now, check these out!

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