My only regret about my trip to Natural Bridge, Va. is that I missed the Christian Light Show called the “Drama of Creation.” I mean, anything that Calvin Coolidge dedicated as President (and that’s still running) is pretty impressive. After all, Old “Silent Cal” was pretty much only known for starting the Great Depression. Or was he?

Regardless of where you stand on his controversial Presidency, he did like to nap. But, apparently, he was also a fan of Bible-themed Light Shows. My visit omitted the night-time attraction, but it would be an untruth to claim that Natural Bridge is anything short of impressive.

Towering some 20 stories, it really is breathtaking.

Those are people at the base enjoying a tour (which was really just a dude giving a speech about the rock on repeat. Like a broken record. Poor dude.)

As Thomas Jefferson (another impressive man with a questionable Presidential legacy) said of Natural Bridge, “It is impossible for the emotions arising from the sublime to be felt beyond what they are here; so beautiful an arch, so elevated, so light, and springing as it were up to heaven, the rapture of the spectator is really indescribable!”

In fact, Natural Bridge is such an impressive place that it appears on the wallpaper Jacqueline Kennedy installed in the Diplomatic Reception Room in the White House.

In all, it’s probably not worth the $19 admission, but it would be tough to drive past without a visit. With that said, I didn’t hit up the Indian Village, Wax Museum, Caverns, or Toy Museum. So I didn’t get my day’s worth of edutainment (or mockery)…