It was a lazy Saturday in the fall. We had no plans and less energy. A great day to rest and relax.

But suddenly the phone ring. And the day quickly changed course. We received an invitation that was too good to pass up. It looked like we were returning to Kersey Valley. Only this time, we’d remain on the ground.

The mission? The Corn Maze Maize.

Click the image to check out the Zip Line Tower and Cow Train. You can also try to count all 13 poor, lost souls (and the two dogs)! What fun!

Like a game of Clue, we had to go from station to station inside the maze to track clues for the solution to a barnyard mystery. I’ve got to be honest…I didn’t pay too much attention to the mystery. Something about a farm animal that committed a crime. A bit too much like “Animal Farm” for my liking.

Instead, I was distracted by the past-its-prime-corn and the people who, like me, would willfully subject themselves to an afternoon of wandering through a corn field. As an aside, if you are ever after some premium people watching, a corn maize should top your list.

Unfortunate references to “Field of Dreams” and “Children of the Corn” could be heard around each bend. Even more unfortunate was the fact that I was the guy making the references…I’m sure no one had made any of them before.

Whisper: “If you build it, they will… get lost.” Right.

All in all, it was a beautiful day with beautiful people who were enjoying a quintessentially American Autumn activity. I loved it. It was perfectly kitschy. It was fun. We all enjoyed it. If I’m gushing too much, it’s because it really was that great.

Perhaps the rules were a little overbearing.

Kersey Valley has more to offer than I ever knew. (I’m still refusing to go to Spooky Woods, though).