Greetings from Paris, France. For most people, this is a city of Romance. Of Passion. Of Art. Of Beauty. Of Kisses.

There will be no pictures of Paris from me this time through. Why? I consider it to be a city to transit through. I can’t wait to leave. Please don’t hate me for it…

This is not in Paris. It’s an advertisement for beer in Seville, instead.

Here I am, sitting in a hotel just outside of the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Only an hour or so ago, I was in the Amsterdam airport thinking about my preferred posture: Leaning forward, moving ahead, advancing.

There are three reasons I prefer action to inaction:

  • I despise being in one place for too long.
  • I’m not patient.
  • I’m not good at waiting.

Come to think of it, those three are kind of the same thing. So I guess I could have more succinctly said, “There is one reason for this.”

Regardless, it probably comes as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that I like to move around. I mean, I’m a guy who spends his free time chasing corners of the globe.

I’ve written before about Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite game. In case you missed it, scroll down for a quick recap of the rules:

Teddy Roosevelt

The Teddy Roosevelt “Moving Game” Rules:

  • Walk in one direction and continue in that direction for miles, never turning.
  • If you come across a rock, climb over it.
  • A wall? Scale it.
  • A river? Ford it.
  • A mountain? Climb it.
  • A building? You better get through.
  • No matter what, never alter your course. This game is about one thing: Forward movement.

When I learned this, I felt an instant connection to President Roosevelt.

I get it! Staying in the same place for more than a couple of days makes me comfortable. And I don’t want to be comfortable.

Sameness is comfort.

I’m no introvert, so I often find myself in conversation with fellow travelers. Inevitably, my quest comes up:

“I’m working on visiting all of the world’?s countries.”

The response is fairly consistent. At first,

“Wow! That’s really amazing! How many have you visited?”

We continue to chat, a little time passes, and suddenly the mood shifts. For some people, it’s concern:

“Aren’t you lonely?”

“How do you stay safe?”

And for others it’s judgement:

“Shouldn’t you be at home?”

“What about your family?”

What I’m doing may be strange in some people’s eyes. But, from my perspective, I’m incredibly fortunate to pursue my dream.

Now, I’m sure there are people out there who, like me, yearn to see more of the world and are willing to bite the bullet and make the choices to do it.

Maybe you’re one of them and we can go on a journey together? Or perhaps you have a dream of your own. What is it?

As for me, I’m off to Monaco in the morning! And then Madagascar on Tuesday!