Reflections on Copenhagen

As I’m typing this, I’m sitting in the KLM Club at the Amsterdam Schipol Airport watching men standing in line for a service desk to zealously guard their frequent flier miles. My journey is about 38,000 miles. Jeeze. That’s a long way.

Anyway, Copenhagen is marvelous. If you haven’t already, you absolutely must come. I once visited Reykjavik and enjoyed it, too. Maybe I’d like all of Scandinavia as much as I’ve enjoyed those cities? A visit during the summer is in my future.

Granted, these are my opinions, but if you’re faced with a choice: Paris v. Copenhagen. You’d be an idiot to pick Paris. Here’s why…

Copenhagen is vastly superior to Paris in more ways than I can count. Even the street music in Copenhagen (a violin with audiocassette background vocals) sounded sweeter than in Paris (a groaning accordion). Copenhagen has sidewalks while Paris has dirt paths. In Copenhagen, the mail is delivered on time by bike. In Paris, you get mail if they feel like it. Everyone in Copenhagen seemed so much more welcoming than the Parisians.

Yesterday (visiting the Danish Parliament and the National Museum) and the day before (Seeing Christiana and the Viking Museum) were definitely my highlights of the trip so far. Here are a few snapshots from Copenhagen:

It’s beautiful.

Bikes are ubiquitous. And the Danes love to follow laws. I never saw anybody jaywalk.

There are a lot of Americans in Copenhagen. You can get just about any book you could want.

Copenhagen is an international city. Complete with wonderful souvenir shops filled with treasures like this.

I’m heading to Cape Town today. It’s a 12 hour flight over the heart of Africa. I’ll be crossing the equator about the same time you’ll be sitting down for a Thanksgiving Turkey. Think of me as I’ll be thinking of you. Know how thankful I am of each you, my friends.

Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

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6 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you buddy. Hope you are having a great trip!


  2. Wemily says:

    Happy Thanksgiving bud! Maybe you can have a turkey sandwich on the plane 🙂

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