A central philosophy by which I live my life is

Everybody’s got to be somewhere.

Sometime, I’ll write a post about that (seemingly) defeatist approach. By the way, it’s not.

Image Courtesy of Google. Mostly because I can’t see this sign from where I’m sitting.

Right now, I’m watching Delta Jets takeoff here in Atlanta, Ga. as they head who-knows-where. Nevertheless, my thoughts are on this RTW adventure. Will you indulge a momentary philosophical musing? If so, read on! If not, I disown you as a friend. Just kidding. Or not. We’ll see.

Anyway, the thought of being a guest for an extended period of time is very — I don’t know — discomforting but freeing. I’m very used to being comfortable. I’m very used to being in places where I know my way around. I’m used to plugging-in my computer with no fuss. I’m used to spending less than US$2 per minute for a phone call. I’m used to well-known friends who are always ready to get something easily identifiable to eat. And I like to eat. Especially when the food is easily identifiable.

But that won’t exactly be the case for the next 34-ish days. And I’m ready for the adventure because everybody’s got to be somewhere. And I’ve chosen to be on the road for now.

So, with unbridled enthusiasm, I’m not ready to take on the world. But rather to take in the world. Because if it fights back, I don’t know whether I can handle it. I remember reading somewhere (maybe James Fenimore Cooper??) that “A friend in any land is tough to come by.” Here’s to hoping that’s not the case because, although I miss my friends terribly, I sincerely hope to meet many more.