Watch this video to experience an overnight sleeper train to the Arctic Circle in Finland!

We’ll travel from Helsinki to Rovaniemi in order to meet Santa Claus! That means this is the REAL LIFE Polar Express in Finland called the “Santa Claus Express.”

The trip is about 500 miles and will take us 12 hours through some of the most magnificent scenery in the Northern Hemisphere! Lapland has been home to Santa Claus for centuries and our final destination, directly on the Arctic Circle, is his official headquarters!

Along the way, we’ll tour the VR Rail Upstairs Sleeper Room. It’s like a hotel room on rails, complete with its own bathroom and shower!

We’ll also sample the food in the Restaurant Car. But, the best part has to be the scenery we’ll wake up to on the train! It is truly breathtaking. We even saw eight tiny reindeer! But, can we find the Big Man himself? Our train journey will end with a visit to the Santa Claus Village in Lapland, Finland. That’s Santa’s official headquarters where we hope to put in a good word for you!