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Kenya for the Weekend?

Can ya go to Kenya for the weekend? Well, the answer, it turns out, is absolutely. Never one to sit idly by and enjoy a quiet Memorial Day Weekend at home, I opted to take advantage of the extended weekend...

Seville sunset

Getting to Seville

Happy Independence Day from Seville, Spain (a/k/a Sevilla, España). Checking out this incredible city (probably my favorite city in Europe so far) required first getting here. And it took me a full 24 hours. After an overnight flight from Washington to...

Flying From Sydney to LAX {VIDEO!}

This video sums up a 13+ hour journey from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to Los Angeles, California, USA on a Delta Air Lines 777 in less than four minutes!

The Gold Coast: A Beach Retreat

After Trevor and I spent some time exploring Tassie and Hellberra….I mean Canberra, the concession was a weekend away for him, his wife, their son, and – most importantly – me. So, we did what many Sydneysiders do, we headed...