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RTW Trip Planning

Back in 2012, I took off on a solo trip around the world. Circumnavigating the planet is known as a “RTW Trip.” (I have no idea why nobody calls them “ATW.”) Back then, I went from Paris to Copenhagen to Malmö to Cape Town to Hong Kong to Sydney to Auckland and...

Transpacific Anticipation

I’ve heard some travelers express sadness when they start a trip. Beginning a journey, they say, marks the end since the experience is already coming to a close. It’s a negative spin on the cliché that, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” I have a different...

What to Pack

I’m getting ready to leave Greensboro. The regular announcement about only permitting one carryon and a smaller bag takes on new meaning because — in one of my proudest moments — I’ve got only two bags for this five week RTW adventure. Talk about tight packing!