Egypt For The First Time

Want to visit Egypt? Check out this video for the highlights of my first visit to this legendary country! You’ll come along as we fly with Egyptair to explore two incredible places, Aswan and Cairo, in this one-of-a-kind place as part of our #NewlywedWorldTour.

Usually, my videos focus only on what happens on flights, but Egypt at ground-level was simply too amazing not to share with you!

We’ll start in Egypt’s south, in the city of Aswan where we’ll visit the incredible Philae Temple and sail the Nile by Felucca.

From there, we’ll hop onboard an Egyptair A220 up to the capital city of Cairo. You’ll see that city’s famous traffic and walk around the iconic Pyramids and Sphinx.

I’ll share a few tips about traveling to Egypt as well as some of my thoughts about what it’s like to visit here for the first time.

It’s easy to see why the name “Egypt” has sparked awe for generations. Incomparable ancient wonders along the World’s Most Legendary River. And, the country’s flag carrier, Egyptair, allows you to see more of it all in less time than ever. Egyptair’s domestic service is fairly basic, but they don’t have to offer much on these relatively short flights. In this video, you’ll get a sense of what to expect from them on these flights.

Here’s a link to Egypt Serai Travel, the agency that helped us on our trip*

*This is NOT a sponsored video. For more about that, please visit this site:

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