This is the second and final video in my series AMTRAK-ing Across America by train.

In this video, we’ll complete the journey onboard an Amtrak Long Train, the Southwest Chief. The Amtrak Southwest Chief crosses more than 2,200 miles using Amtrak Superliner cars.

The trip from Chicago to Los Angeles traces the Santa Fe Trail and makes stops in eight states.

In this video, you’ll experience one of Amtrak’s flagship routes; explore the Amtrak Southwest Chief Family Bedroom, the largest individual room; examine a bit of railroad history; excite in the fun only train travel allows; and I’ll even share a few key tips to make your Amtrak trip as comfortable as it can be.

The scenery we encountered on this route was some of the most spectacular I’ve ever seen from a train.

The Southwest Chief crosses some inhospitable landscapes that made me grateful for the Amtrak Comfort.

A real highlight was the Raton Pass, which saw the train climb higher than 7,800 feet as it passed from Colorado to New Mexico. I’ll even share a bit of the history of Amtrak in general, and this route in specific as we make the trek.