What’s better than taking a train? Not much in my book.

This video highlights the Amtrak Roomette on the Mighty Cardinal and my experience taking it as part of my trip from Washington, DC to Los Angeles on Amtrak.

This is the first of two videos documenting this trip across the country by Amtrak. In this first video, I’ll share my experience traveling from Washington, DC to Chicago on the Amtrak Cardinal train in an Amtrak Roomette.

From this Amtrak Roomette on the Cardinal, we pass through Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, the steep mountains of West Virginia, the hills of Kentucky, on into Ohio, and Indiana, all before stopping in Illinois.

This video highlights every aspect of my trip on the Amtrak Cardinal in the Amtrak Roomette, including the Acela Lounge at Washington’s Union Station, the Amtrak Roomette, a well-designed and comfortably private space. I’ll share Amtrak’s meals and the spaces available to passengers throughout the Amtrak Cardinal Viewliner train in an Amtrak Roomette. I’ll even share a bit of history of the Amtrak Cardinal’s route along the way, from the perspective of my Amtrak Roomette.